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On January fourth, roughly four-and-a-half months ago, I was out of shape.

That can happen when you’re working on a startup company.

I was 188 pounds with 24% body fat. That means one-out-of-every-four pounds of my weight was fat.

Today, I’m 143 pounds and only one-out-of-ten of my pounds is currently fat.

How did I make the change?  Decision and follow through, Yep. Diet and Exercise. Absolutely. But I also had some tools. A downtown trail in Austin made it easy to exercise.   And a free iPhone App called Lose It! made it easy to track how many calories I consumed and burned. Turns out that having better information allows you to make better choices.

The right tools allow us to reach our potential.

A little more than a year ago, our company had a different name: pressforthePeople. Our goal was to build the journalism company of the future.  But to do that we needed a tool that didn’t exist.

We hoped to spread reporters over a wide area, like Texas, and we needed a way for those reporters to quickly send video back to us using whatever Internet connection was available. Video files are big and there was no easy way to send video through the Internet.

Because we couldn’t find an existing tool, we built one.  We call this tool – latakoo Flight. It allows video producers to reach their potential by delivering high quality video content quickly and inexpensively through the Internet.

We’ve been testing latakoo Flight for more than half-a-year – and in the next few days – we’ll open the doors and make it available directly to you.

I can’t wait until you get the chance to use this tool, which I believe will improve your professional life as much as Lose It! improved my health.


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2 Responses to The Right Tool

  1. Jerry says:

    Lots of buffering.

    • Marcus Povey says:

      Because videos are full HD playback may be less smooth on some connections. We’re currently working on a streaming solution which will handle this much better!

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