Koo Power & The Power Company: It’s Electric

Gary Chavez is an editor, writer, producer, and photographer. He works for one of the largest utility companies in Texas and he is tasked with getting timely video news releases to television stations around the state. He used to spend hours on the road, distributing the video releases. Now, he saves time, energy, and money by using latakoo Flight for his video management needs. He sends video files up to our secure cloud and shares those files with clients. He does in minutes what used to take hours and even days. Through latakoo, Gary is able to give television clients readily editable files rendered in broadcast quality.

And, Gary doesn’t really like getting in front of the camera. So, thank you Gary for the on-camera appearance to give props to the Koo! (By the way, we think you look great.)

Want to power up your video like a power company? Contact Rod@latakoo.com.
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–Jade Kurian, latakoo Staff
–Photographer, Steve Kline

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