Breaking News: it’s latakoo

Rick Grinstead finds the gear that keeps his television station on the cutting edge. And guess who caught his attention: latakoo. “It really kind of blows open the door for getting content back to the station,” Grinstead said about latakoo Flight. Send news crews out with latakoo, a laptop and an aircard and “they can send material back from pretty much anywhere in the world.” While we’re glad Rick sees value in what we do, there’s one thing he said that really made us happy. He loves the customer service. “They have bent over backwards to try to get us anything we need,” Grinstead said. “It’s just amazing to have customer service like that now.”

Want to send video like a news crew? Contact Rod Taylor.
Interested in investing? Email Paul Adrian for access to the investors page.

–Paul Adrian, latakoo Staff
–Steve Kline, photographer

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