latakoo Flight – Makes Video Simple

Video killed the radio star a long time ago, but that video has undergone some massive changes. High Definition video is now the standard. But how do you take huge HD video files and use the Internet to quickly send that video to someone without losing quality. That’s tough. latakoo Flight makes video simple. We provide a conveyance solution for the high def dilemma with one-button ease. Our service quickly uploads and then zips HD video through the Internet to deliver anywhere in the world.

TV Stations, television networks, production houses, freelance photographers and editors, and consumer video hobbyists are all potential customers. TV stations can collectively save hundreds of thousands of dollars every month. Independent journalists, freelance photographers, and consumers can use latakoo Flight for a few dollars and send HD video files lightning fast.

Want to fly video? Contact Rod Taylor. Questions about the company?  Paul Adrian wants to talk with you.

— Video by Steve Kline and Wilson-Brown Productions; Music Video, Video Killed the Radio, The Buggles (1979)

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