latakoo’s James Moore Gets Huge Response on CNN

When latakoo Investor and Board Member James Moore can’t sleep, he writes and on the night of August 10th, Jim couldn’t sleep. So the co-author of Bush’s Brain wrote about what he knew — another Texas Governor who was planning to enter the race for President. He emailed the op-ed to CNN. The news agency put Jim’s opinion on its home page. The column was entitled; “Why Rick Perry is headed to the White House.” It first ran on the website on August 11th, 2011.

Almost immediately, Jim’s thoughts became the most popular editorial ever placed on the CNN website. It generated well over 9,400 comments and 32,000 Facebook likes. And although we should point out that Jim’s opinions are solely his own and are not necessarily the opinion of anybody else at latakoo, we are proud that one of our own has the ability to stir up a public discussion after a bout of insomnia.

As you might imagine, CNN and some other news agencies wanted a bit more from Jim. He spent August 12th being interviewed by CNN, NPR and msnbc.

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  1. Don Appleford says:

    Saw Rick Perry comment on Last Word, seek info on new book.

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