Just latakoo It!

“We just latakoo it.”

When news breaks, more often news station managers are saying, “just latakoo it back.” Sometimes it’s the only way to get the footage back quickly. Whether it’s storms on the East Coat, wildfires in Texas, or the Presidential campaign, latakoo is the method of delivery for news stations around the country.

On a personal note…

The Texas wildfires that raged through Bastrop and into Steiner Ranch (a suburb of our beloved Austin) resulted in lost life and lost property. Many of our team members and investors have numerous friends and family that have been impacted by the losses. We cannot begin to know what the victims are feeling or how they are coping, but the latakoo family is thinking of all those families that have lost their homes or loved ones in these fires.

–Produced by Jade Kurian

–Video edited by Stephen Kline, Courtesy: WCNC-TV, Charlotte, North Carolina, KTBC-TV, Austin, TX


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