New latakoo tool release

Hello to all our koosters!

This is a heads up from the latakoo tech team on upgrades to our latakoo Flight video tool. We think these improvements make it easier and more efficient to latakoo your video.

It’s easy to get the benefits of this upgrade. Just download the new tool, version 3.1.3, and it will install over the old version. The new latakoo tool is now available for download at

And here’s how the latest latakoo tool is ever better:
– Uploads are faster
– We now support file formats on upload and download and we now transcode to DVCPro HD
– Offering better support for older systems like 32-bit Macs
– Better support for corporate firewalls, wireless broadband cards and non-standard Internet connections
– Easier enterprise provisioning because the installer is now compatible with automatic provisioning systems on Windows networks in enterprise environments
– Network admins can automatically install latakoo software with our new provisioning changes

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, email us at

The latakoo tech team
Ben Werdmuller
Carlos Laurel
Joe Pelayo

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