Koo at Digital Living Room summit

latakoo CEO & CTO Demo at Digital Living Room Summit
Text by James Moore
Video by Ben Werdmuller

Analysts, investors, technologists, and Hollywood deal makers are gathering over the next two days (Dec. 7-8) in Silicon Valley to talk about how to better monetize video content in the digital living room of the future. Ten start up video technology companies were invited to attend this exclusive event and make a presentation. latakoo is among the five asked to demo our technology on the first day of the Digital Living Room summit.

The focus of the summit is on the next generation of digital content deals to transform television, the Internet, mobile content, telephony, music and games in the home. A record number of Hollywood executives are in attendance because they are looking for technology to better utilize the iPad, Kindle Fire, and other platforms for delivery of the movies and programs they’ve produced over the past half century.

The top entrepreneurs, venture capital firms, and angel investors attending include latakoo’s CEO Paul Adrian and our CTO Ben Werdmuller. latakoo’s invitation to be one of the ten presenting startups means our technology will be exposed to influential dealmakers in the video technology space looking for a simple and inexpensive tool for sending, managing, and monetizing video.

In this video, Ben Werdmuller shows you what he and Paul Adrian will demo for the group gathered at Digital Living Room.

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2 Responses to Koo at Digital Living Room summit

  1. Tracy says:

    Why does the video take so long to load?

  2. Tracy,
    So sorry to hear you are having trouble. Depending on your computer system and internet connection your speed will vary. Also, full screen viewing will take longer to load assuming we are talking about streaming. If you download the file and play it from your computer directly there should not be any delay after you hit play. If all else fails call the support line 24-7 and someone right here in Texas will answer any questions you have. 877-882-5666

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