We “Heart” Our Investors

Written by Jade Kurian

An idea can evaporate as quickly as it came. Or it can take on a life of its own. A life that is possible only through dedicated, unwavering, energy. latakoo’s life force comes from the people behind it – people who willingly sacrifice, people who work long hours, people who built out an idea, people who took the risk to fund the building of the idea.

To have a team of resourceful, brilliant, hard-working people join myself and co-founder Paul Adrian on this road to Koo is the most rewarding aspect of my every day. And, to have a team of small investors who believe in the possibilities is equally amazing.

You see a powerful venture capitalist didn’t propel latakoo. We are a young, boot-strapped, company funded by the people who work here and other small investors who see the promise of the days ahead.

Our investors are our friends or friends we’ve made along the way to building this company. Many of our investors came in because they know Paul Adrian, or James Moore, or Rod Taylor, or me. They came in because they see the work of Ben Werdmuller, Joe Pelayo, Joe Ellis, Carlos Laurel, MaryLou Moore, Kate Padilla. And, we’re growing now with the additions of Yuan Li and Nate Niehuus.

Our investors also give of themselves and sell latakoo wherever they go. Several of them have made introductions to big potential clients and current clients.

So when the Austin-American Statesman wanted to speak to CEO Paul Adrian about the investment climate for Austin start-ups, he was happy to speak to the reporter, Lori Hawkins. We’re here and going strong, thanks to investors we harnessed in Austin and some from beyond Austin. We thank all of them!

We “heart” our investors.

Click here to see photos and read the article from the Austin-American Statesman.

A day at H-Koo. Photo Courtesy of Austin-American Statesman Ralph Barrera


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