iKoo on the iPhone

Got a smart phone? Is it smart with video? If you are like most iPhone users, you have experienced the “Video is Too Long” message when sending large video files from your iPhone.

If the video is too long, you have to edit it in order to send. Well, what if you want to send it all? Just download our soon-to-be-released latakoo Flight iPhone app. You can send any size video from any internet connection. We do all the work for you. Share your video with family and friends through the features available in your free latakoo account.

We have more to come on the app and it’s features. We’re still in beta testing right now. But testing is looking great.

For now, here’s a first look at the app. It’s simple. At latakoo, we make video simple.

Words by Jade Kurian & James Moore; Video by Steve Kline



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