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The latest smartphones record crisp, clear video in full high definition, but try sharing anything more than a minute of that video and the results are disappointing. (Screenshot on left.)

latakoo just made sharing  simpler with our new iPhone App. Download it now from the iTunes app store. For a limited time, it’s a free download. And, for you Android users, we’ve got an app coming soon for you. 

Below, you’ll find the full press release on the iPhone App release and the new, free consumer plans offered by latakoo. 

latakoo’s iPhone App Speeds Delivery of Large HD Video Files

February 13, 2012

Contact: James Moore,, 512.300.9232

(Austin, Texas) – A persistent frustration for smart phone users is sharing video. Never has the video been more beautiful, never better resolution, and yet it’s so difficult to send that video to family and friends. Parents recording a sporting event on their iPhone can’t always share the moments that lead up to the winning play. iPhone owners are used to the “Video is too long” message when trying to e-mail HD clips that are longer than a minute.

latakoo ( has launched an iPhone app that makes it possible to send large video files directly from the smart phone to the Internet. The latest generation of phones record HD video, but severely limit the size and length of video that can be shared. latakoo removes the restriction and delivers quality video over 3G in minutes. The app even allows users to choose from good quality at high speed to best quality, which takes a little longer. The app, which works with latakoo’s online video management platform, enables recipients of the videos to stream on their phones or download and stream on their computers. Coming soon, the latakoo service also allows instant video posting to other services, including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and many business tools.  Shorter upload times will dramatically improve usage of those services.

The app, available as a free download for a limited time from the iTunes App Store, is being offered in conjunction with latakoo’s new free version of its professional online video system. latakoo does require all users to create an account. latakoo, which makes it possible to convey, archive, collaborate, stream and download large video files without expensive hardware or software, is a technology widely used in the television news industry and corporate enterprises. An introductory plan allows consumers to send videos without charge. Consumers are also able to purchase many of the features used by corporate customers.

latakoo’s online platform is already being used by television news networks, public relations agencies, and numerous large corporate enterprises to inexpensively send and collaborate on videos. Nothing more than an Internet connection is required. The platform provides archival, streaming, downloading, embedding, and file trans-coding services without the purchase of expensive hardware or software.

Promotional and tutorial videos are available to the media at or by calling the communications office at 512 502 5666.

About: is an Austin company specializing in the simplification of video delivery and archiving over the Internet without costly investment in hardware and software. 

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  2. Mike Hanson says:

    This is awesome! Can’t wait to try it.

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