Video Makes It Real

Video makes it real. Right? How many times has someone told you something happened and you just couldn’t believe it? Now, latakoo makes it possible for you to send that  unbelievable video of your child’s first winning goal or that skateboarder that tends to do dumb, but fascinating tricks outside your window. And you won’t have to edit the size of the video down to send.

When you see video, it becomes a whole lot more likely that it really happened.Video is used by police and prosecutors to make crimes real to juries, video is used by protestors to protect themselves, video is used by families to preserve the most special moments, from birth to death. Think of the political and revolutionary movements propelled by video — Occupy and Arab Spring.

Now latakoo has made it ever easier to make it real. Everybody loves the fact that the latest generations of the iPhone can shoot beautiful video. They just don’t know what to do with the video once it is recorded. You can play it back on the phone and share it with the person standing next to you, and it looks great. Or, if you are really excited, you can go to your computer, plug your phone in with a USB, and dump the video file into iMovie for editing and then posting. Somewhere.

But it won’t be that easy. Because once you have the file in the shape you want it, you then have to upload to your site or your Facebook page or YouTube or Vimeo. And you have to wait as the file takes forever to get up to the web so you can share it with your friends and say, “Woo hoo!! Look what I shot on my iPhone.” (Many hours ago?)

People are learning there are much simpler and more efficient ways to get their videos off the iPhone and share them with friends by using latakoo. The best method is our new free latakoo app. Our users are downloading the app to their phone because it makes it possible to share video directly from their phones. If you have ever tried to upload or share a video from your phone without latakoo, you know that the process takes hours. You tend to run out of battery or connection or patience. And that’s why we created the latakoo app.

And it’s pretty danged simple. Download the app, log-in if you already have a latakoo account or create an account, select the video you want to share, use your contacts to pick out friends you want to see your masterwork, and then press the start bar. Immediately, you’ll see our app compressing the video and, regardless of how long the video might be, pretty quickly it will start the upload. And then it is gone. Your friends get notification you’ve sent them a video and they can stream it right to their phones. Or, if they are latakoo paid account customers, they can even download the file on their computers.

Kinda cool, huh?

We’ve just launched the latakoo app and it’s already getting widespread use. TV news crews are sending back videos to their broadcast centers so editors can get an idea of what they’ll be working with soon. Friends are sharing videos of favorite places or scenery or even dishes at restaurants. There are as many uses for latakoo’s video app as there are people using it.

Even better, latakoo’s app works with our online video platform. So every video you send from your phone ends up archived at latakoo for future reference and usage. And with upgrades, you can use our more powerful sharing and collaboration tools to produce videos with friends and colleagues. Bet you never thought you’d actually send a video from your phone. Neither did we. But we figured we should all be able to. And that’s how came to be.

Oh, and we’re not leaving Android users out. The android app is coming soon.

Words by Jade Kurian and  James Moore; Video by Steve Kline

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