Test Results: latakoo Moves Video FAST


We believe latakoo is the fastest way to get quality video from point A to point B via an Internet connection. But we don’t want people to take our word for it. After all, believing is about seeing. That’s the thing about video, isn’t it? When we see it, we can believe it. We hope you’ll just try it.

We ran head-to-head comparisons with the competition. latakoo dramatically reduces the time it takes to upload video through an Internet connection. latakoo’s video management platform simplifies and speeds up the transfer and sharing of video.  And, latakoo simplicity doesn’t stop there – subscribers get a searchable video vault.

Our tests show latakoo had the shortest upload time when compared to other video services. Click into the graphic for details on the test file & test environment.

The graph above depicts actual upload times of a single, HD video file. Specifics on the file can be found under the graphic.

With latakoo, everyone can utilize the power of video.  We make video FAST and simple – and now mobile. The latakoo iPhone app can be found in the iTunes store.

–Words by Nate Niehuus; Video by Steve Kline





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