latakoo salutes “The Artist”

Hard to believe, but silence proved golden in Hollywood on Sunday. The black and white silent film, “The Artist” captured Oscar gold. The movie, already a big hit, will make even bigger money with an Oscar to help in promotion. But let’s not fade to black (and white) just yet.

At latakoo, our technology team is creating tools that make it simple to spread beautiful video and music and, yep, even dialogue, if you want. We aren’t exactly building a new “Hollyweb” but we know people are expecting to share and store videos in a fast and simple way. That’s why we have rolled out our new iPhone app as the latest addition to latakoo’s comprehensive online video management platform. Shoot a video on your phone, tap your screen, and the file is on its way to your friends and archived in latakoo. In great color. And with sound. Not Technicolor or Panavision like early color films. But with digitial latakoo beauty.

And we’ll even send black and white, if you prefer.

Blog text by James Moore; Video produced by Jade Kurian & Steve Kline

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