latakoo, SXSW, and the World

SXSW Interactive Festival always starts before it starts. There are already panels underway for the 2012 session. And this year latakoo is exhibiting our technology on the floor of the convention center. We think people are going to be impressed with what we do with video. And just to prove that we thought we’d share some responses from customers already using latakoo.

latakoo makes sending and managing video simple and fast. There’s no need for professional broadcasters to be sending out expensive microwave and satellite trucks to get back their reports or raw video from the field. They can use latakoo on their laptops. Austin Kellerman, KTAB’s News Director in Abilene, Texas said,  “With latakoo, we don’t have to worry about it.”

Our technology works well across all vertical video businesses ranging from news to consumers, hobbyists, small to medium businesses, and large corporate, multi-national enterprises. We send, store, stream, and download video files in HD and SD formats for all of our customers and we have tools to allow producers to collaborate online.

Joe Mealey, who owns Deckhand Video in Los Angeles, was an early user of latakoo. “The quality is great,” Mealey said. “It worked flawlessly. I uploaded a smaller-sized video to Vimeo a few weeks ago and it took hours.”

In Austin, hometown of latakoo, SXSW and KVUE-TV, people tend to think big. One of our first customers was the ABC affiliate here in the capitol city and their technologists immediately saw the implications for change being delivered by latakoo. Rick Grimstead, the Assistant Director of Technology for KVUE was pretty explicit with his analysis.

“It really kind of blows open the door for getting content back to the station,” he said. “They can send material back from pretty much anywhere in the world.”

And if you are on you iPhone or iPad or any laptop while you are at SXSW, download the latakoo app or visit our site at and quickly and simply send some video home to your friends.

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