A Day of Doing

Woody Allen’s line has been repeated so many times it’s turned into a cliché’ but it’s still true that 90 percent of life is just showing up. This is especially true at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin. And man did our latacrew show up.

Our latakoo crew was both impressed and pleased by the diversity of people on the convention floor and their range of business interests. Even more exciting was getting to talk to many of them when they stopped to ask about our services and what we do with video.

A public relations and video professional for a major airline took a look at our online video management platform and immediately saw various uses for the carrier. We saw them, too, of course. TV crews shooting commercials for the airline could easily send rough cuts or finished versions around to all of the stakeholders. We also would simplify the recording and transmitting of video from promotional events and public gatherings. Drop the video into the ‘koo tool or send it straight from their smart phone and everyone involved gets to see the video very fast.

An Aussie stopped by and took a demo. He was from Perth but worked for a multi-national advertising agency and wanted a simple method for pushing videos to his clients and broadcasters. We expect him to sign up and start using our service. Our CTO Ben Werdmuller spent much of his day doing demos and answering technical questions about how we are doing our special magic.

You may have seen energy groups promoting events around the country like the X-Games. One of the large energy drink companies is likely to use latakoo to send videos of its events to customers and shareholders along with pushing out commercials. We also had conversations with one of the big wireless carriers, a couple of major universities in the South and Southwest, and a large training company that contracts with manufacturers and needs to distribute video for educating employees on everything from assembly techniques to repair and maintenance.

Oh yeah, CBS Radio News also stopped by and ended up doing an interview with our President Jade Kurian and myself. We are going to be included in a long feature about SXSW to be broadcast on the radio network. The correspondent was August Skamenca, who is based out of Houston, who seemingly never runs out of questions or energy.

Anyway, this is our first time on the SXSW exhibition floor as a young start up company. And with only one day falling behind us, we’ve made great contacts and expect significant benefits and returns on our investment.

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