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Making video simple means giving latakoo users the freedom to move. No matter what you want to do with your video or who you want to share it with, we want to make it easier.

For many of our users, video is used collaboratively. There are people within groups that need to use a certain piece of video for projects with deadlines. Using latakoo makes it simple to upload the video, and even simpler to share within a group. All users need to do is to set up a video network – that’s what we call our collaborative folders. But what if this group already has a Box account? That’s fine too. latakoo enables account holders to upload faster nearly any other service, then a user can push the video from their latakoo account to their Box account. That saves a whole lot of time. Our video above is a love story: Box and latakoo, so much better together when it comes sending video files.

If you’re a social rocker and want to party rock with your video, we’ll let you do that too. latakoo will soon unveil public video portals called “How I Fly.”  (Just as fly as the Styles P song, but not at all the same theme.) Or right now, you can use latakoo for the fast upload and then share via latakoo to other social services, like Facebook or YouTube.

Words by Jade Kurian; Video by Steve Kline

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