Video is the Next Instagram

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It’s just a photo-sharing app. There is probably not anyone who can name all of the photo-sharing services on the Internet. And Instagram still hadn’t made a cent, or was, as entrepreneurs like to say, “pre-revenue.”

Which didn’t stop Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg from purchasing the wildly popular company for $1 billion in stock and cash. Yeah, a photo-sharing app. Well, it may have as many as 50 million users. And only 9 employees, according to TechCrunch. Those users, though, have not yet been monetized.

In all of those photo apps and services, Instagram’s founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger thought there was still an opportunity. Most were too complicated. Too many clicks to share a picture. Locations needed to be punched in. Names and tags were often required. They wanted something very, very simple that fit between Facebook’s functionality and Hipstamatic’s coolness. Which is what they created. A photo-sharing app that has social tools, cool filters, and is as easy as tweeting.

Equals a billion dollars. Apparently.

And now it is video’s turn. If you thought sharing a photo with a friend was complicated, you’ve probably never tried sharing a video. From a smart phone, it’s virtually impossible. And online, it requires hours to upload a few minutes, even when the video has been reduced to smaller size by making it lower resolution.

The Internet wasn’t built with democracy in mind. It was designed for communications. And turned into a profitable architecture for businesses to sell downloadable products and services. Nobody much cared about the upload. That’s a consumer issue. Upload bandwidth is enough to make photo sharing possible but big video files don’t move very well, if at all.

We’ve been working on all of this at latakoo. We are convinced that video can be easily shared and that the market for an Internet platform to move video will be big in the very near future. And, yes, smart phones are a part of that transition. In fact, we’ve already released a latakoo iPhone app (Android to follow shortly) that makes sharing videos from your phone about as simple as those Instagram photos. Nothing more than a few taps compresses the video and then uploads it to get it on the way to your friend(s) or your website.

Our online platform was designed with a one-click utility to share video. The latakoo tool compresses the video very quickly (minutes, sometimes less) after a simple drag and drop. It then uploads automatically to our cloud where your latakoo page gives you tools to send the video onto Facebook or YouTube. And those uploads to social media happen a lot faster because of the smaller file size, which, we should add, retains its quality. No waiting on long uploads or encoding in the cloud; it happens on your computer desktop.

The social media aspect of latakoo is also about to become even simpler and snappier. We are launching a service called “How I Fly,” (HIF) which personalizes your page, and allows you to connect with other latakoo users and share videos. You have “followers” and get “followed” by people of similar interests, family, and friends. Sharing becomes easy when they can visit your page and see the videos they choose. And the even better part of HIF is that if people sign up for latakoo’s upgraded services through your page, you will earn a commission on each referral over the course of a year. (Details coming soon.) We think there is a market value in your connections and if they help us succeed, we want to share that success with our users.

Photos on the web are great. But we think video sharing is even more exciting. And sharing revenue as well as video ought to accelerate the growth of latakoo and moving video over the web.

Words by James Moore

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