New App Release: Simultaneous Upload to Multiple Destinations

latakoo Video Desktop App (3.3.2) is now available for download
latakoo is happy to announce the release of its latest desktop video App for both Mac and Windows OS. This update provides a major enhancement for video management and distribution. latakoo now allows users to upload the same video to multiple networks. That means you won’t have to re-upload the same video multiple times.
latakoo Video Tool multi-network selector
We have added a multi-network selection dropdown box for easy selection of any number of your video networks. Video networks are your private, collaborative video folders. By simply selecting a choice of networks, your video can be uploaded to those locations in a single instance.

Share faster: the latest latakoo App allows for simultaneous uploads to several video folders.

Once the App completes the upload process, your videos will be available in the selected networks in your latakoo web account. Depending on the number of networks that your video was uploaded to, the Pilot page will display each video in its unique network. In addition, each member of those networks will also have those videos available to them immediately. Please remember that your account will be charged for the multiple uploads.

Inside latakoo: within your account, on the Pilot screen, you'll find all of your uploads listed in the various networks.

Sharing of video just got a whole lot easier. Install or upgrade the tool now by clicking here.  The simultaneous upload to multiple destinations is part of our desktop app as of today, and will be available in our mobile apps as part of a future release.

Words by Joe Pelayo

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