latakoo and Texas Campaign for the Environment

At latakoo, we like to think we’re good to the environment. We don’t sell any hardware. We don’t ship any boxes. We recycle at the office. Our team members carpool or take public transportation. We like being centrally located to reduce commutes. (We would compost if we could just get a space that allowed for a garden.) And, we support Texas Campaign for the Environment.

TCE is a non-partisan, non-profit citizens’ organization that focuses on local and state environmental and public health issues. They’ve organized award winning campaigns to protect the health of citizens and the quality of the environment in latakoo’s home state.

TCE takes the problems one by one, canvassing door to door to gain support from the community.  In March of 2012, a seven-year effort by TCE and various other groups culminated in the most comprehensive policy on disposable bags anywhere in the United States. Austin City Council moved unanimously to ban single-use retail bags by 2013.  And, that’s just the most recent of TCE’s victories.

TCE is a latakoo client. When they organize a protest, they carry cameras. When they tell their stories, they do it through video. latakoo’s video platform allows TCE to quickly share video with the media and with their own team members. And, since we don’t produce electronic waste, we’re a natural fit.

Yes, everything’s bigger in Texas, including environmental headaches.  But thanks to TCE, solutions are taking shape and taking hold. This month TCE turned 21.  latakoo asked Austin-based video story teller Bobby Longoria to help us salute this bright, shining organization committed to the health and welfare of the citizens of Texas. The video played to a standing room only crowd at TCE’s birthday party and continues to make the rounds in TCE circles.  After you watch it, be sure to make a donation to TCE. (It’s money well spent, just like buying a latakoo account.)

Words on blog by Jade Kurian; Video by Bobby Longoria; Music by Selva Oscura.

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