Punching above your weight

I wrote about the experience of working for latakoo over on Quora:

The engineers reading this will know there’s a lot involved in that description. (Did I mention our app comes for Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad?) And believe me, from obtuse enterprise firewalls to hilarious video codec / wrapper interactions, we encountered it all. At latakoo, any one of us is often debugging TCP round-trip times with satellite modems in Afghanistan and designing HTML5 video player wrappers in the same afternoon.

It works. Just today, a journalist told us: “I’m going to name my first child latakoo”. Hey, we’ll take it. In fact, we get a ton of compliments, and we’ve been able to be useful in hurricanes, political conventions, sporting events, conferences … you name it. If someone calls us and asks us for help, we’re usually up for the challenge.

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