latakoo app release 4.2: now we’re flying

I’m incredibly proud of the work the whole team has put into latakoo app 4.2, and in particular Joe Pelayo, who has led its development. This is a big step towards fulfilling our mission of making large file transfers as fast and easy as possible.

In addition to the fast video transfers that we’ve always provided, here’s what latakoo subscribers can expect to see in the latest version:

Added timecode copy support. The app will now maintain the source video timecode track and transfer to the final encoded MP4 video file.

You can now send your videos without compression. The app will now allow the user to select No Compression which will bypass the video encoding. The original video file will be uploaded, with its existing codec and container format (and file size). The unaltered video will be available for download from the latakoo website.

The app will upload to the default network if the user does not select a network. The app will also display the name of the default network selection in the drop down even if no networks are selected. As a fail-safe, the app will upload to the first assigned network if no default network is assigned in the user’s account. No more rogue uploads to users’ private spaces instead of their company hot folders.

On top of that, there are countless other improvements to video encoding, transfer and upload speed. The new latakoo app is available now.

Not yet a latakoo subscriber but need to send video fast? Check out our plans.

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