latakoo’s Video Stitching Simplifies Transfer From Video Capture Cards

latakoo is pleased to release our patent pending process that enables video files created from P2 and SD cards and other recording media to be transferred over the Internet and stitched together in the cloud according to time code.  Latakoo app 4.3.1, now available after login on the latakoo site, contains a number of improvements and bug fixes. Please make sure to upgrade your latakoo app now. 

Video stitching
Video stitching, video grouping, or the concatenation of related files usually happens on a timeline in an editing suite. From the SD card or the P2 card, most people are forced to move the files into an editing program, stitch portions together, export a new file, then transfer that file over the Internet. latakoo now gives video professionals the ability to drag, drop, and send fast with one-click compression. On the receiving end, latakoo can deliver the original files and stitched files.

How Stitching Works: 
When two or more videos are added to the latakoo app, a toggle switch appears that shows Grouping OFF.  In order to group the videos together as a single file on the server, the user would toggle the switch to “Grouping On.”

  • Grouping can be achieved with related or unrelated files.
  • Related files will have the option to stitch based on time code.
  • No Enhanced Upload available with grouping at this time.
  • For grouping, the selection drop downs for Networks and Bitrates for each video will always match anytime a change is made to any video in the queue.

Other Improvements & Additions:

  • XDCAM 50 HD / MXF (OP1a) transcode with timecode
  • DVCPro 50 SD / MXF (OP1a) transcode with timecode
  • Updated Proxy link on dialogue box to more prominent blue to resemble an active link.
  • Added Software Terms of Service agreement to installer.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the naming convention for download/transcode.  Download /transcode will now name the file to Filename_koo_timestamp.ext to prevent the file from being overwritten by the app if the video with the same name and extension are downloaded twice.
  • Improved handling of loss of Internet connection during file uploads for both Standard and Enhanced uploads.
  • Fixed DVCProHD transcode for source videos with variable frame-rates.
  • Fixed MXF audio mapping for videos with non-standard video / audio sequencing.
  • Corrected aspect ratio for certain MXF transcodes that would show incorrectly as 4:3 even though the video was 16:9.


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