Teaming Up: latakoo and University of Texas

It’s nice to get a mention in The Sparefoot Blog. And, congratulations to Sparefoot on the “best places to work” status. The Austin based startup is making noise in a lot of ways these days. Sparefoot is the HomeAway for storage units and they just made it on a list of best places to work – a list that specifically considered only young companies.

The Sparefoot Blog recently took a look at how the University of Texas is rooting for young entrepreneurs and new technology, including latakoo.

In 2010, the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) opened their New Venture Incubator to sponsor research and development in their labs, expand incubation activities that build regional commercialization, and partner with growing businesses. Dozens of startups are part of this system, including latakoo. As one of these companies currently in the New Venture Incubator, latakoo has received investment from the UT System Horizon Fund to aid in the development of the company. This investment is aiding further development of data compression and encryption technology for use in video applications that latakoo is known for, and continues to fund development in faculty labs.

Despite a slowing economy, UT and UTSA continue to keep their research spending strong and show no sign of slowing down. This means more and more of the products and services we will see in the future will be the result of these collaborations and investments in companies like ours.

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