Managing Big Groups Made Simple

We know managing a big account in any system can be real time killer. We’re changing that by building better administration tools into latakoo. Group-based permissions make latakoo administration for large accounts almost as simple as the latakoo Flight app. Just drag, drop and go.

The latakoo team took a major step on July 21, 2015, by beginning the transition to a new administration system. Hopefully, the main thing you noticed was that some of the colors changed slightly on the latakoo website.  While the new admin code impacts almost every facet of the website, the goal of this initial roll out was to get it up and running on the Live site without causing any negative impact.

It is possible that you may see some funkiness with the system  as we complete the transition. Please let us know if you spot anything that impacts your normal latakoo functions by sending us an email at

This new administration system fundamentally changes the way latakoo permits users to access content. Previously, latakoo granted individual access permissions to each content network in the system.  This works fine for small groups, but some latakoo customers granted access permissions to more than a thousand users for just one network. That is difficult to manage.

The new admin system no longer predominately grants network access to one user at a time. Instead, it will grant people membership to an organizational group, and it is the organizational groups that will get access permissions to the networks.  This way adding a person to an organizational group will instantly give them access to every content network that grants the organization access.  Deleting a user from that organizational group will immediately and simultaneously remove the individual’s access from every one of those networks.


The new admin tool is specifically designed to make it easier to manage your latakoo account regardless of the size of your organization.  From one user sharing video with clients to thousands of users in a corporation who need to share content with each other, latakoo’s new admin system will simplify the managing of your account.

There are many more details coming regarding this system upgrade and what it means for you, which we will share with you over the next few days.  Most importantly, the latakoo team will work with each of our customer organizations during this transition to the new system to get your admin system setup perfectly to support your workflow. You will be hearing from us soon. If you want to get started immediately, feel free to give us a nudge.

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