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A New Mobile Experience from latakoo Flight

After months of development and testing, latakoo delivers the best version yet of Flight for the iPhone.  Inside the new latakoo Flight for iPhone, you will find a whole new set of useful features.

Please note that latakoo Flight for iPhone is a separate app from the previous version, latakoo Flight. The older application will remain in the App Store. latakoo Flight for iPad will also remain in the App Store.

This means you won’t get an update notification for latakoo Flight on your iPhone, but it also means that you can download the newest version without having to remove the previous version of Flight. This way, if your phone does have a problem with the new version, latakoo Flight for iPhone, you can immediately revert to latakoo Flight.

New Features

Quick Editor:  This allows you to quickly trim a video clip. In future releases, we’ll expand on editing capabilities.

Delete files within the app: This mimics functionality in the browser-based version of Pilot, but still requires the user have admin status or be the original uploader.

Upload groups of photos: We handle all the photos produced or supported by your iOS device.

Horizontal video: When recording video, Flight for iPhone forces camera to record horizontal. This is the behavior in the current iPad version of Flight. There is rarely a good reason to shoot video in vertical.

Multi-tasking:  Users can exit the app to look at email or use another app and continue to record audio. This is also the current behavior in Flight for iPad.

More screen time: The Capture screen is redesigned so that more of the screen is accessible.

Metadata form option now available: This allows users to enter metadata during the upload. The metadata will live with the file, can be accessed in Pilot and will be available for download and delivery into content management systems. The form must be enabled and designed by an organizational administrator. If you would like help setting up this functionality, please contact us on our support email.

Stitching: Many of you are already familiar with this functionality as it has existed within the desktop app for some time. Now it is available on the iPhone. You can upload multiple video and audio files as a group and stitch them together.

Filter networks: You can isolate which networks are shown in your feed, just like the browser version of Pilot.

More robust performance from Pilot: You should see better return times for scroll and search in Pilot. Naturally, our app will run better and faster when Internet bandwidth is stable.

Granular control on notifications for specific networks: Turn on push notifications for only those networks for which you wish to receive them. Please remember the mobile app does not control your email notifications. You will need to access the, click on Manage, Personal Profile, Edit, scroll down to “notification settings” and check or uncheck the boxes respectively to set notifications on or off for each network.

Please note that if you’re using a microphone to record audio with Flight for iPhone that you make sure to take the phone out of any magnetized case or a case with a magnet for docking the phone. The magnet interferes with audio quality.

Do go to the App Store and download latakoo Flight for iPhone and let us know what you think. If you need more information or help, email us.

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