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Make Slot with AVID + LATAKOO for News

Deadline is Coming – How’s your FTP performing? It’s time to speed up file transfers by automating your news workflow with latakoo. latakoo lets you send files fast — from anywhere in the world — directly to your Avid. No more … Continue reading

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Congrats to Nexstar and Media General

Getting FCC approval is as easy as one, two …three hundred and twenty nine. Exactly 329 days crawled by between the time that the Nexstar Broadcasting Group asked the FCC for the right to acquire Media General and the day … Continue reading

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Happy “CAN DO” 2017, Y’all!

Parents can have favorites. And this year, my favorite gift for our ten-year-old daughter was a replica of the paperweight that Lady Bird Johnson kept on her desk at the White House.  It says “CAN DO” on the front, and … Continue reading

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latakoo Flight 5.1.1 release

We’re pleased to announce the immediate release of the latest version of our Flight application for Windows and Mac computers. Click here to download. Because this release contains a large number of fixes and workflow improvements, we recommend that you … Continue reading

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latakoo app release 4.2: now we’re flying

I’m incredibly proud of the work the whole team has put into latakoo app 4.2, and in particular Joe Pelayo, who has led its development. This is a big step towards fulfilling our mission of making large file transfers as … Continue reading

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Punching above your weight

I wrote about the experience of working for latakoo over on Quora: The engineers reading this will know there’s a lot involved in that description. (Did I mention our app comes for Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad?) And believe me, … Continue reading

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Making enterprise software that people can actually use

Software is opinionated. This is natural: it’s made by real people, who have opinions, to tackle problems that they think they can solve using a particular line of thought. All of the best software packages – from Lotus 1-2-3 all … Continue reading

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Always be sharing: using social video for sales and education

This is a fully-referenced write-up of the talk I gave at Video World Expo earlier today. You can’t talk about selling online without talking about social media. In the beginning, television (together with cinema, an even older delivery platform) was … Continue reading

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The Fastest Wins

There are two distinct challenges with sending video over the Internet. They are both critical. One is speed of transmission and the other is quality of the video when it arrives on the other end. These two issues have much … Continue reading

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Video is the Next Instagram

It’s just a photo-sharing app. There is probably not anyone who can name all of the photo-sharing services on the Internet. And Instagram still hadn’t made a cent, or was, as entrepreneurs like to say, “pre-revenue.” Which didn’t stop Facebook’s … Continue reading

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