latakoo Receives National Attention from CBS Radio

CBS News Correspondent August Skamenca discovered latakoo’s make video simple service at South by Southwest and decided he needed to tell the world about us. Mr. Skamenca interviewed latakoo Chief of Strategic Communications, James Moore as well as latakoo founder and President, Jade Kurian.

We sure liked Mr. Skamenca’s decision to mention us in the same breath as Twitter in his first report and alongside former Vice President Al Gore in his second story.  CBS Radio South by Southwest latakoo long story

Our entire team made it to SXSW at some point, including founder and CEO Paul Adrian, CTO Ben Werdmuller, sales analyst Nate Niehuus, sales and support specialist Joe Ellis, financial analyst Yuan Li, technology developers Carlos Laurel and Joe Pelayo, executive assistant Jessica Vasami, and videographer Steve Kline.  We’re exhausted, but thrilled with the CBS Radio report!

latakoo's booth at SXSW. The entire latakoo staff participated in showing off how latakoo makes video simple.


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latakoo Sends Large Video Files Fast to Box

Integration powers and simplifies video collaboration for 8 Million Box Customers

March 14, 2012

Contact: James Moore,, 512.300.9232; 512.502.5666

(Austin, Texas) – Video management company, latakoo ( has integrated with Box to provide a simplified approach to accessing and managing video files on Box’s popular collaboration platform. latakoo’s video platform enables efficient, simple conveyance and management of large video files.

latakoo employs a one-click utility to shrink and convey large HD and SD video files in minutes instead of hours. Available today, latakoo subscribers can push their videos to Box much faster than sending the video directly to Box.

The latakoo iPhone app also makes it possible to send mobile videos to latakoo and then push to Box or other services. An Android version will soon be available.

“We know latakoo is going to prove popular with Box customers,” said Paul Adrian, CEO of latakoo. “Box is about collaboration. Our fast uploads will make it very easy for Box users to get video into their cloud and makes for more robust video collaboration between individuals and companies.”

latakoo’s online platform is already being used by television news stations, public relations agencies, and numerous large corporate enterprises. latakoo enables users to send video fast, share video in multiple ways, store video with ease, and transcode video files for a variety of editing formats.

About: is an Austin company specializing in the simplification of video delivery and archiving over the Internet without costly investment in hardware and software.

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A Day of Doing

Woody Allen’s line has been repeated so many times it’s turned into a cliché’ but it’s still true that 90 percent of life is just showing up. This is especially true at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin. And man did our latacrew show up.

Our latakoo crew was both impressed and pleased by the diversity of people on the convention floor and their range of business interests. Even more exciting was getting to talk to many of them when they stopped to ask about our services and what we do with video.

A public relations and video professional for a major airline took a look at our online video management platform and immediately saw various uses for the carrier. We saw them, too, of course. TV crews shooting commercials for the airline could easily send rough cuts or finished versions around to all of the stakeholders. We also would simplify the recording and transmitting of video from promotional events and public gatherings. Drop the video into the ‘koo tool or send it straight from their smart phone and everyone involved gets to see the video very fast.

An Aussie stopped by and took a demo. He was from Perth but worked for a multi-national advertising agency and wanted a simple method for pushing videos to his clients and broadcasters. We expect him to sign up and start using our service. Our CTO Ben Werdmuller spent much of his day doing demos and answering technical questions about how we are doing our special magic.

You may have seen energy groups promoting events around the country like the X-Games. One of the large energy drink companies is likely to use latakoo to send videos of its events to customers and shareholders along with pushing out commercials. We also had conversations with one of the big wireless carriers, a couple of major universities in the South and Southwest, and a large training company that contracts with manufacturers and needs to distribute video for educating employees on everything from assembly techniques to repair and maintenance.

Oh yeah, CBS Radio News also stopped by and ended up doing an interview with our President Jade Kurian and myself. We are going to be included in a long feature about SXSW to be broadcast on the radio network. The correspondent was August Skamenca, who is based out of Houston, who seemingly never runs out of questions or energy.

Anyway, this is our first time on the SXSW exhibition floor as a young start up company. And with only one day falling behind us, we’ve made great contacts and expect significant benefits and returns on our investment.

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Drag, Drop, Start, ‘Koo & SXSW

March 12, 2011

This is a big week for a lot of tech companies, including our Austin home grown startup latakoo ( We’ve invested in a booth on the convention floor, promotional materials, and working our tails off to get noticed. Big things have happened for little companies at SXSW. We want to be one of those stories.

But we’ve already hit some pretty important milestones.

First, we’ve got some marquee customers. Shortly after we started our company, we demoed the technology to major television station groups. They quickly became customers because we cut their video transmission costs by reducing bandwidth consumption. Two of the largest TV station groups in America signed up with latakoo and an international news network. Now, instead of rolling out their expensive satellite and microwave trucks to get video back to their broadcast centers, they pull out their laptops, drag and drop the file into the latakoo desktop tool, and in minutes a beautiful video is back in the hands of the news production team at the station.

At South by Southwest, we are demoing the same technology used by large broadcasters. But we are making it available to consumers at our website. You can try latakoo for free just by clicking on the “Get latakoo NOW” button. That will send you to our pricing and sign up page. Create a login and get ‘kooin’. Our “’koo for all” plan allows you to send great HD and SD videos to your friends, family, and business colleagues, all for free. And it’s simple to get started. After you sign up, download and install the latakoo tool (takes a matter of minutes) and click on the icon to open our drag and drop box. Drag your video over, drop it into the latakoo Flight tool, and click “start.” We’ll shrink the file and still keep it beautiful before automatically sending it to the latakoo cloud.

Go to latakoo and you’ll see your video on your homepage. There are a number of tools to share it with anyone and everyone. You’ll see you can share via email or use our tools to push the video to your Facebook page or YouTube. We also automatically archive your videos until you choose to delete. And your entire video storage vault is searchable.

We are also going mobile. We just launched the latakoo app in the app store at iPhone. And we’ve rolled out the same technology for the iPad. Grab it from the app store and see what happens to your phone or iPad. If you’ve ever tried to send video from your phone, you know it’s just not doable. But with latakoo, it is. Our app works the same way as our online technology. Record a video on your iPhone or iPad, open your latakoo app, select the video, pick recipients from your contact list, add some key words and a title, and click start. You’ll see the video start processing and then it takes off very fast on 3G or 4G connections. Actually, you might not even believe it has been sent.

So, if you’re in Austin for SXSW, stop by and see what we do at latakoo. We are in booth #308. And you’re going to want to do what we do. Send video fast and simple. That’s what happens when you do ‘koo.

Words by James Moore; Video by Steve Kline


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latakoo, SXSW, and the World

SXSW Interactive Festival always starts before it starts. There are already panels underway for the 2012 session. And this year latakoo is exhibiting our technology on the floor of the convention center. We think people are going to be impressed with what we do with video. And just to prove that we thought we’d share some responses from customers already using latakoo.

latakoo makes sending and managing video simple and fast. There’s no need for professional broadcasters to be sending out expensive microwave and satellite trucks to get back their reports or raw video from the field. They can use latakoo on their laptops. Austin Kellerman, KTAB’s News Director in Abilene, Texas said,  “With latakoo, we don’t have to worry about it.”

Our technology works well across all vertical video businesses ranging from news to consumers, hobbyists, small to medium businesses, and large corporate, multi-national enterprises. We send, store, stream, and download video files in HD and SD formats for all of our customers and we have tools to allow producers to collaborate online.

Joe Mealey, who owns Deckhand Video in Los Angeles, was an early user of latakoo. “The quality is great,” Mealey said. “It worked flawlessly. I uploaded a smaller-sized video to Vimeo a few weeks ago and it took hours.”

In Austin, hometown of latakoo, SXSW and KVUE-TV, people tend to think big. One of our first customers was the ABC affiliate here in the capitol city and their technologists immediately saw the implications for change being delivered by latakoo. Rick Grimstead, the Assistant Director of Technology for KVUE was pretty explicit with his analysis.

“It really kind of blows open the door for getting content back to the station,” he said. “They can send material back from pretty much anywhere in the world.”

And if you are on you iPhone or iPad or any laptop while you are at SXSW, download the latakoo app or visit our site at and quickly and simply send some video home to your friends.

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Getting smarter about bandwidth

latakoo iPhone appToo many apps and services treat bandwidth as an unconstrained, ubiquitous resource. We think that’s wrong, for a number of reasons.

Over at The Verge today, Chris Ziegler has announced the death of unlimited bandwidth cellphone plans:

Some carriers — notably AT&T — have been aggressively deploying additional capacity in urban areas to the point of maxing out. This is where capitalism comes into play: one by one, all-you-can-eat data plans have been replaced by data buckets of varying sizes. Outrageous per-kilobyte overage charges (from legacy limited plans), a vestige of slow networks and dumb phones with smalls screens and limited capabilities, have been replaced by more reasonable rates that bill by the full gigabyte. If you go over by a gig or two, you’re not immediately bankrupted anymore — but you will pay more.

You can read the full piece over here. The upshot is that because the cellphone spectrum is limited, and because data usage is increasing 40% year on year, the networks are maxing out and passing the squeeze they’re feeling onto their customers.

According to Cisco, video accounted for 40% of all consumer Internet bandwidth in 2010, and this looks set to continue. With all the talk of how 4G LTE cellphone connections have broadband speeds, there’s no reason in the world why this wouldn’t continue over to mobile. Yet, that bandwidth is getting constrained and becoming more expensive – and video is moving to high definition, which requires a much larger amount of storage.

As app developers, we don’t know what kind of connection you’re on when you use our service. A lot of people use the latakoo Flight desktop software on 3G or 4G modems, for example. There’s a lot you can do with video once it’s in the cloud – private management, sharing, archival and collaboration – but getting it there is both slow and expensive. A single minute of uncompressed HD footage can be a couple of gigabytes in size. Imagine trying to squeeze a news report or some unedited footage through a 5Gb metered data plan!

So early on in latakoo’s development, we decided to compress video before sending it to the cloud. We harnessed the fact that computers are faster and more powerful than they’ve ever been, and decided to trade a more difficult development process for a much easier user experience. It’s possible to make video sizes much smaller while protecting quality, and as a result, that 2Gb uncompressed HD file could be sent in minutes over a 3G connection, without significantly affecting your bandwidth bill.

It’s not just about video: even in this era of fast speeds and powerful computers, we still need to be careful about what goes over the wire. Efficient protocols and judicious management of resources continue to be as important in computing as ever.

There’s some interesting conversations to be had between carriers, software platform owners and consumers. But until then, we see it as our responsibility as app developers to continue to produce the best possible experience for the user, whatever the constraints.

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latakoo salutes “The Artist”

Hard to believe, but silence proved golden in Hollywood on Sunday. The black and white silent film, “The Artist” captured Oscar gold. The movie, already a big hit, will make even bigger money with an Oscar to help in promotion. But let’s not fade to black (and white) just yet.

At latakoo, our technology team is creating tools that make it simple to spread beautiful video and music and, yep, even dialogue, if you want. We aren’t exactly building a new “Hollyweb” but we know people are expecting to share and store videos in a fast and simple way. That’s why we have rolled out our new iPhone app as the latest addition to latakoo’s comprehensive online video management platform. Shoot a video on your phone, tap your screen, and the file is on its way to your friends and archived in latakoo. In great color. And with sound. Not Technicolor or Panavision like early color films. But with digitial latakoo beauty.

And we’ll even send black and white, if you prefer.

Blog text by James Moore; Video produced by Jade Kurian & Steve Kline

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Test Results: latakoo Moves Video FAST


We believe latakoo is the fastest way to get quality video from point A to point B via an Internet connection. But we don’t want people to take our word for it. After all, believing is about seeing. That’s the thing about video, isn’t it? When we see it, we can believe it. We hope you’ll just try it.

We ran head-to-head comparisons with the competition. latakoo dramatically reduces the time it takes to upload video through an Internet connection. latakoo’s video management platform simplifies and speeds up the transfer and sharing of video.  And, latakoo simplicity doesn’t stop there – subscribers get a searchable video vault.

Our tests show latakoo had the shortest upload time when compared to other video services. Click into the graphic for details on the test file & test environment.

The graph above depicts actual upload times of a single, HD video file. Specifics on the file can be found under the graphic.

With latakoo, everyone can utilize the power of video.  We make video FAST and simple – and now mobile. The latakoo iPhone app can be found in the iTunes store.

–Words by Nate Niehuus; Video by Steve Kline





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Video Makes It Real

Video makes it real. Right? How many times has someone told you something happened and you just couldn’t believe it? Now, latakoo makes it possible for you to send that  unbelievable video of your child’s first winning goal or that skateboarder that tends to do dumb, but fascinating tricks outside your window. And you won’t have to edit the size of the video down to send.

When you see video, it becomes a whole lot more likely that it really happened.Video is used by police and prosecutors to make crimes real to juries, video is used by protestors to protect themselves, video is used by families to preserve the most special moments, from birth to death. Think of the political and revolutionary movements propelled by video — Occupy and Arab Spring.

Now latakoo has made it ever easier to make it real. Everybody loves the fact that the latest generations of the iPhone can shoot beautiful video. They just don’t know what to do with the video once it is recorded. You can play it back on the phone and share it with the person standing next to you, and it looks great. Or, if you are really excited, you can go to your computer, plug your phone in with a USB, and dump the video file into iMovie for editing and then posting. Somewhere.

But it won’t be that easy. Because once you have the file in the shape you want it, you then have to upload to your site or your Facebook page or YouTube or Vimeo. And you have to wait as the file takes forever to get up to the web so you can share it with your friends and say, “Woo hoo!! Look what I shot on my iPhone.” (Many hours ago?)

People are learning there are much simpler and more efficient ways to get their videos off the iPhone and share them with friends by using latakoo. The best method is our new free latakoo app. Our users are downloading the app to their phone because it makes it possible to share video directly from their phones. If you have ever tried to upload or share a video from your phone without latakoo, you know that the process takes hours. You tend to run out of battery or connection or patience. And that’s why we created the latakoo app.

And it’s pretty danged simple. Download the app, log-in if you already have a latakoo account or create an account, select the video you want to share, use your contacts to pick out friends you want to see your masterwork, and then press the start bar. Immediately, you’ll see our app compressing the video and, regardless of how long the video might be, pretty quickly it will start the upload. And then it is gone. Your friends get notification you’ve sent them a video and they can stream it right to their phones. Or, if they are latakoo paid account customers, they can even download the file on their computers.

Kinda cool, huh?

We’ve just launched the latakoo app and it’s already getting widespread use. TV news crews are sending back videos to their broadcast centers so editors can get an idea of what they’ll be working with soon. Friends are sharing videos of favorite places or scenery or even dishes at restaurants. There are as many uses for latakoo’s video app as there are people using it.

Even better, latakoo’s app works with our online video platform. So every video you send from your phone ends up archived at latakoo for future reference and usage. And with upgrades, you can use our more powerful sharing and collaboration tools to produce videos with friends and colleagues. Bet you never thought you’d actually send a video from your phone. Neither did we. But we figured we should all be able to. And that’s how came to be.

Oh, and we’re not leaving Android users out. The android app is coming soon.

Words by Jade Kurian and  James Moore; Video by Steve Kline

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Make Video Simple with latakoo’s iPhone App

We Make Video Simple and Mobile

The latest smartphones record crisp, clear video in full high definition, but try sharing anything more than a minute of that video and the results are disappointing. (Screenshot on left.)

latakoo just made sharing  simpler with our new iPhone App. Download it now from the iTunes app store. For a limited time, it’s a free download. And, for you Android users, we’ve got an app coming soon for you. 

Below, you’ll find the full press release on the iPhone App release and the new, free consumer plans offered by latakoo. 

latakoo’s iPhone App Speeds Delivery of Large HD Video Files

February 13, 2012

Contact: James Moore,, 512.300.9232

(Austin, Texas) – A persistent frustration for smart phone users is sharing video. Never has the video been more beautiful, never better resolution, and yet it’s so difficult to send that video to family and friends. Parents recording a sporting event on their iPhone can’t always share the moments that lead up to the winning play. iPhone owners are used to the “Video is too long” message when trying to e-mail HD clips that are longer than a minute.

latakoo ( has launched an iPhone app that makes it possible to send large video files directly from the smart phone to the Internet. The latest generation of phones record HD video, but severely limit the size and length of video that can be shared. latakoo removes the restriction and delivers quality video over 3G in minutes. The app even allows users to choose from good quality at high speed to best quality, which takes a little longer. The app, which works with latakoo’s online video management platform, enables recipients of the videos to stream on their phones or download and stream on their computers. Coming soon, the latakoo service also allows instant video posting to other services, including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and many business tools.  Shorter upload times will dramatically improve usage of those services.

The app, available as a free download for a limited time from the iTunes App Store, is being offered in conjunction with latakoo’s new free version of its professional online video system. latakoo does require all users to create an account. latakoo, which makes it possible to convey, archive, collaborate, stream and download large video files without expensive hardware or software, is a technology widely used in the television news industry and corporate enterprises. An introductory plan allows consumers to send videos without charge. Consumers are also able to purchase many of the features used by corporate customers.

latakoo’s online platform is already being used by television news networks, public relations agencies, and numerous large corporate enterprises to inexpensively send and collaborate on videos. Nothing more than an Internet connection is required. The platform provides archival, streaming, downloading, embedding, and file trans-coding services without the purchase of expensive hardware or software.

Promotional and tutorial videos are available to the media at or by calling the communications office at 512 502 5666.

About: is an Austin company specializing in the simplification of video delivery and archiving over the Internet without costly investment in hardware and software. 

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